01 03 11

Issue 14: Deface

An intrusion upon the established. The overt trespassing of a renegade idea. To deface is to de-assert authority; a covert, single-handed risk. Defacement is the profane seed of revolution, the offspring of dissent. Makeshift manifestos paint the walls of our cities, the pages of our books, the labyrinths of the web. Acid tongues of ink taste dry starch and straddle straight-laced print. A wall becomes a discourse canvas, a billboard unstolen space, the reclamation of a rally call. The guerrilla word scrambles to assert its presence. Brazen hands court manacles. The notion of insidious action spreads like a craved disease. The decision to deface begins with the doubting of constraints, a proclamation of subversion. Articulate.

Please send all of your prose, poetry and art submissions to nodmagazine@gmail.com

01 02 11

Vices and Virtues

Issue 14 of NōD Magazine will be showcasing prose, poetry and art sharing a theme of vices and virtues. I am happy to say that we are accepting submissions until March 14. Simply send us your work to nodmagazine@gmail.com. Best of luck!



Our Mandate

To provide a venue for undergraduate and established artists.

To intersect creative communities in the visual and literary arts.

To invite innovative, creative endeavours.